Let us imagine ourselves as the center of the world as we always do. We will look into words related to directions with us in the center.

Image 1 : Direction

too is the word for direction
The example in the image is a template for asking for dirction to a place.

Image 2 : Center

eepe is center
we have already came across pe as point.
The sumbol ee symbolically marks center.

Image 3 : Front, Back, Left and Right

footh and thoof are phonetic reversals meaning front and back respectively.

laar and raal are phonetic reversals of left and right respectively. If you remember one, you can easily remember the other.

Image 4 : North, South, West and East

meekee and keemeee are north and south respectively.
naerae and raenae are west and east respectively.
Both sets are phonetic reversals of each other.
Easy way to remember is mee is up and kee is down.
rae is sun and nae is star
The directions are named with respect to the sun’s position.
Rest of the mid-level directions take first half of both the basic directions.

Image 5 : Up and Down

meek and keem are up and down derived from our root words mee and kee respectively.

Image 6 : North Pole and South Pole

meepe and keepe are north pole and south pole respectively.

Let us use these directions in simple sentences.

yoateni nim-ta laar-taeturn to your left
yoateni raalturn right
yoateni thoof turn back
footh-va hoofaanicome forward
fahoni dood-vago straight
nim naanaani-fu unoabi rariyu-ja bÁyou will see a red building
yoateni naepee-ja laartake next left
nim naq luniwhere are you?
min luni dhivuni-de queen sadee-chaeI am walking in queen street

If your freinds are lost, you now know how to give directions to them in KiLiKi. If they get further lost, we take no responsibility 🙂