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50 Nature Words

In this article, we will learn 50 words related to nature. If you remember nee as the word for water, you will be able to understand the meaning behind these names.


Image 1 : Sea, River, Lake and other Water Bodies


Image 2 : Land, Stone & Mountain


Image 3 : Rocks and Types of Rocks

Animals, Bacteria, Virus…

Image 4 : Mammal, Bird, Fish, Reptile, Bacteria and Others


Image 5 : Tree, Plant, Forest and more

Life, Birth & Death

Image 6 : Life, Birth & Death

In one of our previous articles, we learnt that neeflafeenam is the word for birthday. We now understand how the word was coined.

Try using these words and form simple sentences. We will introduce more words and grammar in the upcoming articles.


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