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Seven Elements

There are seven elements documented in KiLiKi. veneli is the word for element. Many words in kiLiki are derived from these words. Let us visit Saaraa’s garden. She will help us learn the seven elements.

Image 1 : Aether
Image 2 : Air
Image 3 : Earth
Image 4 : Water
Image 5 : Wood
Image 6 : Metal
Image 7 : Fire
Image 8 : Seven Elements

The symbol for y in kiLiki looks like a tree. ‘yee‘ is the word for the element wood. yeeti, the word for tree and yeetikidiki, the word for forest were coined from the root ‘yee‘.

Similarly, other elements have been derived from other such symbols and are used as the root for many other words in the kiLiki language.

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