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Grammar Elements

Before getting into KiLiKi grammar, let us look at a few basic grammar terminologies in KiLiKi. By this time, you must be familiar with the KiLiKi alphabet. Now we will learn how to say ‘letter‘, ‘vowel‘, ‘consonant‘ or ‘combo‘ in KiLiKi.

Figure 1 : Letter, Vowel, Consonant & Combo

As we can see ‘bi’ as in the English word ‘bi‘ is the word for ‘letter‘. A ‘bi‘ can be ‘abi‘(vowel) or ‘babi‘(babi). You can place an ‘abi‘ on top of a ‘babi‘ to create an ‘ababi‘(combo). ‘bibit‘ is the word for ‘alphabet

Figure 2 : Word, Sentence, Click & Language

thu‘ is the KiLiKi word for ‘word‘. So ‘sentence‘ becomes ‘thuthu‘. ‘kiLik‘ is the word for ‘click‘. Now you know how kiLiKi leelaa got its name. Yes. ‘leelaa‘ is the word for language.

inglish leelaa‘ – English.
french leelaa‘ – French.
thelugu leelaa‘ – Telugu.
hindhi leelaa‘ – Hindi
thamiL leelaa‘ – Tamil

Note that the names of the languages are converted phonetically, with the nearest matching sounds in KiLiKi, in the way they are pronounced. If you have a doubt on how to convert a name phonetically in KiLiKi, please visit our earlier blog article.

Figure 3 : Noun, Verb, Adjective & Adverb

ka‘ is the sound that represents objects. ‘kathu‘ is ‘ka‘(object) + ‘thu‘(word). ‘kathu‘ means ‘noun‘ in KiLiKi. All action words in KiLiKi end in ‘ni‘. ‘nithu‘ is the word for ‘verbs‘.

All adjectives in KiLiKi end in ‘-ja‘. ‘jathu‘ is the word for ‘adjective‘. Similarly all adverbs end with ‘-va‘ and ‘vathu‘ is the word for ‘adverb‘.

Figure 4 : Pronoun, Conjunction, Preposition & Interjection

We have seen that ‘thaa‘ is the word to refer to ‘he/she‘ or any living thing. ‘thaakathu‘ is the word for pronoun. ‘ne‘ is the word for the most frequently used conjunction ‘and‘ and ‘nethu‘ means ‘conjunction‘.

English has prepositions such as ‘in‘ or ‘to‘ that comes usually before a noun. In KiLiKi prepositions are called ‘finkathu‘. ‘fin‘ means ‘end‘. Unlike English leelaa, in KiLiKi ‘finkathu‘ comes at end of a noun with a hyphen marker to separate it from the noun. We will look into ‘finkathu‘ in detail in our upcoming articles.

Did you know words such as ‘hello‘, ‘bye‘, ‘yes‘, ‘no‘ or ‘oops‘ are interjections(exclamations) in English grammar? ‘yaathu‘ is the word for interjection in KiLiKi.

findaat‘ is the word for fullstop and ‘shùdaat‘ is the word for comma.

This is the end of our short grammar basic terminologies lesson. We will be looking at each of these terms in detail in the upcoming sessions.

nim rilis-va vaaneeni-de kiLiki leelaa.


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I have never learned any language rightly in my life. I guess this will be my first one. Very very easy to understand, read and write. ‘thu’ for word and ‘thuthu’ for sentence is funny. Looking to read more blog articles on kilki.

கிலிகி மொழியை கற்றுக்கொள்ள மிக ஆர்வமாக உள்ளது. இதன் ஒலி வடிவம் மிகவும் வேடிக்கையாகவும் பூரிப்பாகவும் இருக்கிறது. புதிய மொழி என்றாலும் பயமின்றி பூரிப்பைத் தருகிறது.

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