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Common Words, Phrases and Sentences in KiLiKi

Greetings, introduction, please & sorry are most common words, sentences or phrases in a language. In this article we will explore the most common ones. Meet Loki here. He is saying ‘vaasoaraerae‘ to you.

Image 1 : Good Morning

rae‘ is the word for sun. ‘raerae‘ is morning. ‘vaasoa-ja‘ is the adjective ‘good‘. The word ‘vaasoaraerae‘ is a single word formed by combining an adjective and a noun. In such cases the ‘-ja‘ adjective marker should be removed. When we want to say ‘good sister‘ we should write it as ‘vaasO-ja see‘.

Image 2 : Thanks
Image 3 : What is your name?

‘*kve‘ is the question symbol. ‘ka‘ denotes an object and ‘ka*kve‘ is the word for question word what.

Image 4 : I am Saaraa

We already saw another way to say your name. Here is a simpler way. ‘min*tta idi luni saaraa‘ is the other way which would translate to ‘my name is Saaraa‘.

Image 5 : Good Day!

nam‘ is day
denam-va‘ is today
ganam-va‘ is yesterday
funam-va‘ is tomorrow

As we have already seen ‘de‘ ‘ga‘ and ‘fu‘ are the markers to denote present, past and future respectively. We saw them when we introduced verbs. As ‘yesterday‘, ‘today‘ and ‘tomorrow‘ are adverbs, their corresponding words end in ‘-va‘ adjective marker.

Image 6 : Please

All adverbs end with a ‘-va‘ marker. The adverb ‘Please‘ is ‘liz-va‘ in KiLiKi.

Please speak to her‘ can be translated as ‘liz-va baahaani thaa-chatae

Image 7 : Good Evening

mae‘ is the word for moon. ‘maemae‘ is evening.
nae‘ is the word for star. So now you know what the word for night is and how to say good night?

Yes. ‘naenae‘ is the word for night and ‘vaasoanaenae‘ is good night.

Image 8 : Happy Bithday

Let us breakdown the words ‘meekilu-ja neeflafeenam’

meekeelu-ja‘ is an adjective meaning happy
neef‘ comes from the adjective neef-ja meaning ‘beginning
lafee‘ is the word for life.
There by ‘neeflafee‘ means ‘birth
nam‘ is the word for day.

Now you can wish your dear ones ‘meekeelu-ja neeflafeenam‘ in KiLiKi. Take this image to the cake shop and ask them to write Happy Birthday in KiLiKi along with your dear one’s name in KiLiKi script. In the below image, Meenaa is wishing Loki a Happy Birthday.

Image 9 : How are you?

The single KiLiKi word ‘nimvaasoa*kve‘ roughly translates to ‘you good?’ meaning ‘how are you?‘ or ‘are you fine?

The answer to the question can be
zaan. nim*kve‘ – ‘yes. how about you?
vaasoa-ja‘ – ‘good
naz. vaasoa*rrr‘ – ‘nope. not good‘ (*rrr is a click sound that negates a word)
sova-ja. nim*kve‘ – ‘bad. how about you?
vaasoava-ja‘ – ‘it is both good and bad‘ or ‘it is so-so

Image 10 : I will call you tomorrow.

funam-va‘ is tomorrow
koovini‘ is the verb ‘to call

Check out how Meenaa is telling Loki ‘I will call you’.

Language is always fun to learn with a partner. Please find a partner and practice these phrases and sentences with them. We will soon have audio and video for the same available in our site.

vaasoanam nim-chatae

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